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Information to assist you during this difficult time.

Cremation is one of the most popular ways to send off a loved one. Cremation

Memorial jewelry is an increasingly popular choice for storing your loved one’s ashes (or hair), both humans and pets. This article focuses on cremation jewelry that holds a portion of the cremated remains, and specifically necklaces, commonly referred to as memorial jewelry or ash jewelry. 

There are many considerations to make when deciding on the perfect memorial urn. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing an ash urn. You'll want to evaluate the who, what and where o before finding deciding on the perfect funeral urn for your needs.

Although used for thousands of years funeral urns are still a central and valuable part of cremation in the United States today.

The materials used in making the urns has evolved alongside the unlimited design options but the functionality remains the same.

We understand that this a very difficult period and have pulled together some information to assist you in making the practical aspects of this process more manageable. Burial vs. cremation? are they really your loved ones ashes you get back? and what can you do with their ashes?

You have chosen cremation but what's next? What do people do with the ashes?  Bury them, scatter them or keep them at home with you.  Here is a short overview of these options.

A practical guide to help you through the minefield of choosing a cremation urn for your loved ones ashes. Three main question need answering: What size urn do you need?  Where will you keep the urn? What is your budget?  Knowing  all this before you start to look for urns is helpful.

I hope this poem brings you some comfort during this difficult time. I wrote it

Heart drawn in window steam/fog. Warm yellow orange light coming from behind window

Celebrate Their Life - Give them the memorial they deserve.

Cremation urns are a beautiful memorial to the deceased; whether you bury, scatter their ashes or keep them at home with you.
The large urns can hold cremated remains of those up to 220lbs-240lbs (depending on design).
The small keepsake urns can hold the equivalent of 50lbs bodyweight, ideal for sharing ashes, keeping a token amount at homeor as a pet urn.

Stuck choosing an urn? - Knowing what urn to choose for your loved ones ashes can be difficult so we have provided a guide to help if you are stuck.


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