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The Faces Behind Fovere

Thank you for visiting Fovere and taking the time to read a little bit about us and our company.

My name is Kim and alongside my partner, Simon we started Fovere in 2019 after struggling to find a cremation urn that could be displayed at home without looking out of place or making guests feel uncomfortable.

Our Mission

This set the foundation of our mission to find a commemorative urn that was designed for display.

When searching for urns we found hundreds of different designs but ultimately most of them were all the same. Either a wooden box or a traditional shaped urn with a variety of color and textural finishes. It was still very obvious that all of these are cremation urns to anyone viewing.

We also found some really beautiful art-deco urns but these were too modern for us, suited only to a very minimalist, artistic home. The frustration in finding the perfect funeral urn made our passion and determination blossom.

It shouldn't be this Hard

Finding a manufacturer was slow and challenging and so many samples we received lacked the high quality required to truly respect and cherish our loved ones.

This was extremely frustrating but it acted as fuel to our fire, igniting our passion and determination more.

After months of searching we found what we were looking for.

Elegant Design

We fell in love with this Large White Candle Cremation Urn and the quality was what we had been striving for.

It looked elegant and stylish, whilst being large enough to hold the ashes of a human adult. We worked with our manufacturing partner for a couple of tweaks, leaving us thrilled with the final piece.

We valued how this Cremation Urn incorporated a tea-light holder into the lid adding a more personal depth to paying your respects.

For us the thought of lighting the candle in someone’s memory whilst having a quiet moment, praying or celebrating a birthday or anniversary was so symbolic and really stood out as an exceptional way to treasure someone and symbolize your love.

We decided that we would bring this product to market and make it available to a larger audience and so in June 2019 we placed our first order and waited anxiously. The products passed our Independent quality Inspection so we were on our way.

High Quality Manufacturing

The manufacturing of these products is very slow. They are cast and decorated by hand.

This urn was finally available to buy in December 2019 and we were overwhelmed with the response with sales growing quickly. To ensure we could help our customers find what they were looking for we we placed another order, this time including a smaller version of this urn .

However, like so many others around the world our plans were not to be. The region in India where our artisans are located went into lockdown the day our goods were due to be shipped and we ran out of cremation urns.

Fast forward three months and we finally received our goods and we are overjoyed to be able to offer these to grieving families once again. They sold out almost instantly, surpassing our expectations. This time we have ordered even more so we can help families find the right cremation urn they need.

Help Finding Peace - Introducing the Memorial Vase Urn

Whilst on this journey we had a revolutionary idea for a memorial that was so obvious but had yet to be done. This idea was for a heartwarming cremation urn that you could use with flowers to express yourself.

This concept is completely unique and unlike any of the cremation urns currently on offer.

We have filed patents in multiple countries for this and it is finally ready for release.

It preserves our philosophy of being able to keep your loved one at the heart of the home and adds another dimension to their final resting place. We see it as an urn that can be kept as integral part of your life, allowing you to keep a connection with your beloved whilst keeping their cremated remains safe by your side.

We really wish for the Memorial Vase Urn to bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones whilst letting them celebrate the life lost.

Find out more about this one-of-a-kind cremation urn here.