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FAQS - Cremation, Urns & Ashes

We know you are here because you have to be, you are busy and have a to-do list as long as your arm so we wanted to help. We have consolidated this list of popular questions so you can find what you are looking for all in one place. We hope you get the answers you need.
  • Cremation

  • How many people are cremated in the United States?

    According to the CANA (Cremation Association of North America) 2021 Annual Statistics Report in 2020 the cremation rate continued to grow reaching 56.1% with 1.84 million cremations performed.

  • Should I cremate or bury my loved one?

    If your loved one didn’t pre-plan their funeral before their death or expressed their views this is the hardest choice you will need to make and there is no right or wrong decision.

    You should consider any family traditions, religious beliefs, location of the deceased vs. surviving family members and cost when making this decision.

  • Can I still have a service if I choose cremation?

    Yes, whilst some people opt for a direct cremation having a funeral or service before or after cremation is a popular alternative, and you can even have an open casket if you like. A memorial ceremony allows family and friends to gather in recollection, say their goodbyes, and pay their respects.

  • Ashes

  • Is it really my loved ones’ cremation ashes I get back

    Yes. The ashes you receive back are indeed those of your loved ones.

    To ensure this, a stainless-steel identity tag is kept with the deceased during the cremation process. The identity is verified several times along the process. There is no chance of mixing ashes, as each cremation chamber can only hold one body.

  • How are ashes returned to you by the funeral home of crematory?

    Each funeral home and crematorium packages your loved ones’ cremation ashes in their own way, but the most common is to receive the ashes in a clear plastic bag that is sealed with a twist tie and placed in a temporary container, often a cardboard or plastic box.

  • What do you do with ashes after cremation?

    Like so many of the decisions you must make following the death of a loved one you will need to decide what you wish to do with their cremated remains when they are returned to you. If the deceased left instructions or had shown a preference it is best to follow this wish otherwise it is up to you and other close family members. There are many options available, including:

    • Keep the ashes in a full-size cremation urn at home
    • Place the ashes in an urn and keep at a place of remembrance e.g., columbarium, niche or memorial park.
    • Bury the ashes, urns often have to be contained within a vault before burial, but this varies by cemetery so check with the burial ground their requirements.
    • Scatter the ashes
    • Sea burial/scattering
    • Turn them into glass or jewelry stones
    • Do nothing – this can initially seem like a cold option but one of the benefits of cremation is that you don’t have to decide straight away, you can decide what to do with the remains at some point in the future.

  • Who puts the ashes into the urn?

    Most crematoriums and funeral homes will transfer cremated remains into a cremation container of your choice if you are organized and bring it to them before to the date on which you are scheduled to collect your loved one's ashes.

    You may also transfer your ashes yourself if you so desire or if you purchase the urn after receiving the ashes. If you are unsure about transferring the cremated remains yourself, you can enlist the assistance of a friend or family member to help you. We discuss transferring ashes into an urn in more detail here.

  • Is it ok to touch ashes?

    Yes, ashes are safe for you to touch, they may probably surprise you though as they are more sand-like than ash and sometimes may even contain small bone fragments which may be sharp.

  • Is it ok to split ashes?

    Yes, you can divide ashes if you want to, this is popular for people wanting to share ashes between family members, scatter in multiple locations or keep a small amount of ashes for themselves and scatter or bury the rest. The only caveat to this is for religious beliefs.

  • Urns for Ashes

  • Do I need an urn for ashes?

    No, you don’t have to have an urn to keep ashes in. It is a personal choice. Some people may keep their loved ones remains in the temporary ashes container they receive them in whilst others may transfer them to a scattering urn, burial urn or display urn.

  • What size cremation urn do I need for human ashes?

    The amount of cremated remains is determined by the weight/build of a person before their death. For a full-size urn to hold all the cremated remains of an adult allow for 1 cubic Inch for every 1 lb. body weight before their passing. For holding a portion of the ashes, you can select a much smaller urn or keepsake. See our see our Urn Size Guide Table for more information.

  • What size pet urn do I?

    This size of urn you need for you cat, dog or other animal is based on the same rule of thumb as human urn size, 1 cubic inch for every lb. of body weight before they died.

  • How do I choose a cremation urn to keep ashes in?

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question, it is a matter of personal choice that will depend on you, the person you have lost, and the placement of their remains following cremation: o Are you wanting to store the remains of an adult or child all together, or will you be using the urn to store just a portion of ashes? o What you want to do with the cremated remains following the cremation, e.g., burial, scattering ashes in a sentimental place, using memorial jewellery, keeping the cremated remains with you at home, or do you plan to combine them with another person’s ashes in the future like many husbands and wives do? o The style of urn you choose; classic, modern, or one-of-a-kind. This will vary according to your intentions for the ashes and the personalities of both the deceased and you. Were they quiet and understated? maybe a white urn would suit them more. Did they have a favourite color or hobby? o Material; wooden cremation urns, metal cremation urns, glass, ceramic, and biodegradable urns are available in a range of materials, and the best choice is determined by your unique circumstances. Our guides can assist you in determining the appropriate urn for you. Read morehere and here.

  • Do I need to seal the urn?

    No, not all urns require sealing. Numerous cremation urns, like those in our collection, feature a secure screw-in lid or screws that keeps the urn's opening safely sealed. If the lid on your selected ash urn doesn't seem secure, it's a good idea to seal it with an adhesive that's appropriate for the urn's material.

  • Are urns only for ashes? What can we do with the urn after scattering ashes?

    Urns can store other mementos and keepsakes from loved ones as well as ashes. If you have an empty urn after scattering ashes or placing them somewhere else, you can still use this as a memorial to the deceased. Otherwise, you may wish to dispose of the urn, keep it in the family for future deaths or donate to charity.

  • How do I clean the urn?

    Like everything at home, from time to time the urn will become dusty. If this happens, you can wipe it with a soft cloth.
    For additional cleaning our Memorial Vase Urn comes with a removable flower vase insert which can be rinsed under water between uses. If you spill wax on your candle urn then wait for it to dry before peeling off and buffing with a soft dry cloth.

  • Buying an Urn for Ashes

  • Do I have to buy an urn from the funeral home or crematory?

    No, you can purchase a funeral urn from anywhere you wish to you don’t have to get it from the same place that is managing the cremation process.

  • Does Hobby Lobby sell cremation urns?

    This is one of the most asked questions on cremation urns online. Hobby Lobby does not sell cremation urns, but they do sell supplies if you are looking to try and make your own.

  • Can you buy cremation urns online?

    Yes, buying a cremation urn online provides you with a much wider choice of funeral urns than the crematory or funeral home

  • Can I but my own cremation urn?

    Absolutely. Being organised and buying your own cremation urn ahead of time not only means there is less to do and less stress for your family whilst grieving it also allows you to select an urn of your choice.

  • How do I buy one of your urns?

    You can buy a Fovere Cremation Urn by visiting our online shop here.

  • Do you accept returns and have a guarantee?

    Yes, all Fovere cremation urns for ashes come with a 60-day money back guarantee. See our cancellation and returns policy for full details.

  • Shipping - How much is it? When will I receive my order? Can we ship to a Funeral home or Crematorium?

    Shipping is free on all our products.

    Most orders are processed within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Shipping can then take 1-4 days depending on locations.

    Of course, you can. This is a great idea, and makes it much easier for you, especially if they agree to transfer the ashes for you. Please double check with them that they are ok to receive it and enter their details, including a contact name and the name of the deceased in the shipping address fields when placing your order.

  • Can I have my urn engraved?

    Whilst it may be possible to engrave our ash urns, we do not recommend it because we haven’t tested it ourselves. Instead, we encourage using a name plaque (on a ribbon and not a metal chain) that can be hung around the neck of the urn should you wish for this personalization.

  • I received my order in an Amazon box but I thought I was ordering from a small company?

    We sometimes utilize Amazons’ infrastructure as a sales and fulfilment platform. The shipping speed and cost of this allows us to continue to provide a free and fast shipping experience for our customers.

  • Do you have a wholesale program?

    Yes, if you are interested in wholesale, please send an email to and someone will contact you shortly.