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Unique Cremation Urns

Celebrate Their Life and Cherish Their Memory Forever

Our unique cremation urns double as a flower vase. Flowers have long been a soulful way of remembering people who've passed and our flower urns are a stylish, bright and happy addition to your home.
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We created our urns so you can keep your loved ones close.

Cremation urns can have an awkwardness about them when displayed at home, and we wanted to create a beautiful urn that you would be proud to display and could help you to smile again.

🟊🟊🟊🟊🟊 Thank You

I’m very pleased with them. Now I have 1 large one and 4 small ones to share my husbands ashes with my family. Thank you for these beautiful urn.
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Our Floral Cremation Urn

Fovere [Latin]:To Cherish

This is the philosophy behind our brand.

We know all you really want is to bring them back. Unfortunately we can't help with that.
But we want to help make the process of choosing the right cremation urn as quick, easy and pain free as possible.

If you don't know what to look for when choosing an urn, this information on cremation urns provides a quick summary, including what size urn you need. We strive to provide urns that celebrate life and can be displayed at the heart of your home without making guest feel uncomfortable. This making remembering your loved one and paying your respects everyday easier.

Keep your loved one close and express your love by display their favourite flowers or light a candle in their memory.
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🟊🟊🟊🟊🟊 Absolutely Beautiful.

Absolutely love it! Came on time and I can't put into words just how beautiful it is. The pictures don't do it any justice at all it's way more beautiful than I expected. P.

  • Essential Information About Cremation Urns / FAQ's

  • What size cremation urn do I need for human ashes?

    The amount of cremated remains is determined by the weight/build of a person before their death.
    For a full size urn to hold all of the cremated remains of an adult allow for 1 Cubic Inch for every 1 lb body weight before their passing. For holding a portion of the ashes you can select a much smaller urn or keepsake.
    See our Urn Size Guide Table for more guidance.

  • Who Puts Ashes In the cremation urn?

    Many crematoriums and funeral homes will transfer cremated remains into a funeral urn of your choosing if you are organized and provide it to them before you are due to collect your loved ones ashes.
    You are also able to transfer your ashes yourself if you wish or if you get the cremation urn after you receive the ashes. If you are not comfortable transferring the cremated remains yourself you can ask a friend or family member to help.
    We talk about how to transfer ashes on this page.

  • Is it safe to touch cremated ashes?

    Yes, it is completely safe to touch cremation remains. Due to the body is cremated at such a high The high temperature during the cremation process means all micro-organisms are destroyed.
    Because the ashes consist of mainly calcium phosphate (as well as other minerals and salts) they may cause skin and respiratory irritation so avoid it getting into your eyes, mouth or nose.

  • Do you have to keep ashes in a cremation urn?

    No. Ashes do not have to be stored in a funeral urn.
    If you don't have a cremation urn then you will most likely receive the ashes in a plastic bag inside either a cardboard or plastic container.
    You can store the remains in this cremation vessel if you wish or transfer them to an alternative memorial urn or container of your choosing.

  • Are Ashes Loose in a cremation Urn?

    Cremation ashes can be placed inside the cremation urn either inside the plastic bag they were received in, inside a new plastic bag or they may be placed loose in an urn.
    Some ash urns, especially mini/token urns and cremation jewelry require they ashes to be loose because if their size and the opening for transferring the remains.

  • Is it ok to divide ashes?

    In short, Yes, as long as your religious beliefs do not prohibit it.
    Dividing ashes is a popular choice, it can allow a token of ashes to be kept if choosing to scatter the bulk of the ashes or for ashes to be shared amongst family member so each gets to keep a little part of the deceased.

  • What is the best urn for ashes?

    This is a really personal question and does not have a one size fits all answer. This will depend on yourself, the person who we have lost and what you are planning to do with their ashes after cremation:

    • If you want it to hold all of the cremation ashes, a small amount of ashes
    • What you plan to do with the ashes after cremation, e.g. burial, scattering ashes, memorial jewelry, keep the cremation ashes at home or combine with another person in the future.
    • The style of urn you would like; traditional, modern, decorative or unique. This will depend on what you plan to do with the ashes and the personality of the deceased and yourself.
    • Material; wooden cremation urns, metal cremation urns, glass, ceramic, biodegradable there is such a wide variety of materials available and the right one depends on your individual situation.

    Our guides here and here can provide further information on choosing the right cremation urn for you.

  • Do cremation Urns Need to be sealed?

    No, not all urns need to be sealed. Many cremation urns, including all of those in our range, have a secure treaded lid, or a screw holding the opening of the urn securely shut.
    If the lid on your chosen ash urn doesn't feel secure though it would be advisable to seal it with an adhesive suited to the material the urn is made from.

  • What can you do with an empty cremation urn?

    If you have scattered ashes or combined them at a later date you may be left wondering what to do with the urn that once housed the cremated remains, this is up to you but some popular options are:

    1. Keep the urn a tribute you your beloved. You can even use it to treasure little mementoes and keepsakes to keep them safe.

      This is a beautiful option for our decorative candle and vase urn which can continue to be used to celebrate their life in this way.

    2. Keep the cremation urn in the family for use in future deaths,

    3. Dispose of the ash urn, because of the materials used in making cremation urns many can be recycled. Check with local facilities to see if this option is available to you.

    4. Donate to charity. Some charities will accept urns for ashes which they then pass along to those that cannot afford to buy one for free or the cost of shipping.

  • What are Small Keepsake Urns for Human Ashes?

    Small Keepsake urns for human ashes as smaller cremation urns which are designed to hold just a portion of cremated remains. This could be for splitting ashes between families, keeping a small portion of ashes if you scatter or bury the majority.

    Mini urns are also suitable for use as infant and child urns.

    Many Pet owners treat their animals as their babies and they use keepsake ashes to store their ashes too.

  • Where does the urn go after cremation? Are cremation urns buried? How do you display a cremation urn at home?

    What you decide to do with a cremation urn after the cremated remains have been transferred is a personal choice.
    You may choose to have the urn placed in a columbarium or nice or buried in a memorial park. There are often different size and material requirements for these options and some sites require the burial urn to be placed inside a vault before burial so please check with the site before purchasing your urn,
    Keeping ashes at home is an increasingly popular choice but people often wonder where to put them.
    Depending on your personal thoughts and the design of the chosen cremation urn you may wish to display them prominently on a mantle, shelf or table. Our candle cremation urns and flower vase urn are an ideal option if you are wanting a decorative cremation urn to display in the home.
    Other people may feel uncomfortable doing this and store the urn in a cupboard or bedside table out of sight.

  • Is it bad luck to keep ashes in the house?

    Some people may say keeping ashes at home is bad luck and even spooky whilst others view it as a good thing and it can provide a lot of comfort during mourning knowing they are near.
    Your beliefs in spirits staying with the ashes and whether this is a good or bad thing will heavily influence this.
    This is one that only you can make the choice on.

  • What is the difference between a pet cremation urn and a human cremation urn?

    Whilst urns can hold many purposes they are essentially a vessel to contain ashes. Therefore the difference in a cremation urn for human ashes, especially keepsake urns and pet urns are very minimal. They include:

    • Size: a standard adult cremation urn can hold 200 cubic inches or more in cremated remains, this is suitable for some large dog breeds but is likely to be too big to use as a cat urn or pet urn for smaller dogs.
      Small Keepsake urns for human ashes though are a much more appropriate size for storing pet's ashes in.
    • Design: Whilst the design of most large urns for human ashes and small keepsake urns for ashes will work for a pet urn the same cannot be said the other way round. Many specific pet urns have pawprints and other design characteristics that would make them unsuitable for keeping human ashes in.



Excellent urn I got this for my son, very sad but is so beautiful you can place anywhere and looks so nice I’m very happy. Nancy