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Fovere Cremation Urns For The One You Love

We understand that you are here, looking for a cremation urn out of necessity, because you have to. It is likely you have never done this before and it is probably something you previously never even thought about. Your initial search has shown urns in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Where do you even begin?
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Losing the ones’ we love is one of the most difficult things we ever experience. You are running on empty, physically and emotionally drained but there’s a whole list of things you need to get sorted.

We know how difficult this is so we are here to support you and try to make choosing an urn for their ashes a little bit easier.

We have our own collection of unique cremation urns to display at home available, but we also strive to provide straight forward information on choosing a cremation urn, understanding urn sizes and provide suggestions on where you can find urns if our range doesn’t suit your needs.
Large and small funeral urns. Urns for ashes, blue, white and silver cremation urns for humans ashes and pet ashes, Adult urn and keepsake urns. Display flowers and candles in their memory. Memorial vase urn a large cremation urns for human ashes adult, infant, child.  Cremation urn looks like flower vase with hidden ashes chamber incorporated to keep cremated remains safe. ashes vase urn has white flowers displayed in memory.

Cremations Urns for Human Ashes

Find some peace and comfort whilst celebrating the life of your loved one our range of cremation urns offer a personal touch.

Set of three matching keepsake sharing urns for human ashes. 3 White & silver candle holder funeral urns with tealight candles. White metal urn body is pearlescent, like mother of pearl. Silver finish lid has a tea light recess and has intricate engraving

Small Keepsake Urns

Small, Mini, Keepsake Cremation Urns are ideal for storing a small portion of ashes and sharing ashes amongst family.


Pet Urns

Because pets are family too!
Honour your furry friend they way the deserve. Show your dog or cat how much you cared.


About Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are used to store the cremated remains of our family and friends who have sadly passed. There are many types of ash containers including:

Keepsake Urns:

Made for storing a small amount of ashes in. This is ideal if you just want to keep a token of ashes if you are planning on burying or scattering the rest of their remains. Also great for sharing ashes amongst family members.

Companion Urns:

These are extra-large funeral urns are used to hold the cremated remains of two people, Mom and Dad, Husband and Wife.

Baby, Infant and children’s urns:

A sad an unfortunate reality, these urns are much smaller than other urns and are often designed to express the innocence and joy of childhood. They are often brightly colored and depict popular children’s characters such as teddy bears.

Individual Urns:

Used to store the cremation ashes of adults.

Scattering urns:

Can make scattering your loved ones’ ashes during a memorial service easier and less confrontational than using the temporary containers most funeral homes supply as you don’t need to handle the ashes directly.

Burial urns:

Used if you wish to bury the urn in a cemetery, although many memorial urns can also be used for this purpose too. Some sites require that the urn is placed inside a burial urn vault. We recommend checking with the cemetery's policy.

Eco-Friendly and bio-degradable Urns:

Biodegradable urns are more environmentally friendly and break down naturally over time. They can be constructed from a wide range of materials including paper and sand and many are also suitable for water burials.

Pet Urns:

For safely storing your pets’ ashes. They are available in a wide range of designs for dogs, cats, horses and more.

Cremation Jewelry:

Keepsake jewelry is used to store a tiny amount of cremated remains. Cremation jewelry has a small opening where ashes can be added. Alternatively, the ashes are sometimes incorporated into a gem within the jewelry.

Cremation Urn size guide template. General rule 1 cubic inch volume is large enough for 1 pound bodyweight at time of death.

Cremation Urn Size Guide:

"What Size Urn do I Need?" This is one of the most popular questions people ask as there is such a wide variety of cremation urn sizes available.

When deciding on a suitable cremation urn the outside dimension is often irrelevant, you need to look at the volume of the cremation ash urn which is measured in cubic inches.

The outside measurements are only a consideration if you choose to bury the ash container or keep it in a columbarium niche as you will need to ensure it fits into the vault (if using) or niche.

The general rule of thumb is to allow 1 cubic inch of ashes for adults for every pound of body weight before their passing, as long as they were of a healthy bodyweight.
A full-size adult cremation urn is 200 cubic inches or more. 200 Cubic inches is large enough to hold the human remains of a 6'4" medium build, so is large enough for most adults.

It is common for there to be some empty space in the ashes chamber, so don't worry if the urn is too big.

With child and infant cremation urns the same 1lb = 1 Cubic Inch rule applies. However, if you are looking for an urn for very young babies (0-4 months) then you will need to add around two cubic inches more.
If a child is to be cremated in a casket you should also allow for at least five cubic inches more for the smallest infants ashes.

If you have any uncertainty your funeral director/crematorium will be able to provide further advice.

Material of the urn:

Urns can be made from a wide of materials, including:

Ceramic urns

Offers unique and artful urns with large color and shape variation. These can sometimes be made to order as well. Ceramics are fragile though so you will need to ensure a ceramic urn is stored safely out of reach.

Glass and crystal urns

These have a luxurious aesthetic appeal and are often hand blown. However, like above you need to be careful where they are stored.

Wood urns

From Bamboo to walnut various wooden materials are used to construct urns. They are frequently a square or rectangular shape and ashes are often sealed inside by screws in the base.

Metal urns

Brass, bronze, pewter, aluminum and stainless steel are all common metals used to provide strong and durable urns. Often coated with a decorative layer of paint, lacquer or enamel to protect and enhance their beauty. These are ideal for displaying at home as they won’t break if they are accidently knocked over.

Where do you buy urns for ashes?

Cremation urns can be purchased both locally or online.

The funeral directors or even the crematorium you are working with will have a selection of urns on offer. You can also purchase your cremation urns from another funeral home if you want to buy locally.

Buying in person allows you to see the urn up close however this will limit your choices and will often have a higher price tag.

Buying urns for ashes online is becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially since the pandemic. This option provides an excellent choice of cremation urns for you to choose from. There is a huge variety of urns online, and a large range of prices too, from extremely cheap urns right through to very expensive one of a kind commissioned piece. The drawback of this is you cannot see the urn in person and the quality of the product before buying, so make sure where you purchase from has a good returns policy, just in case.

Urns are available online from speciality websites (just like this one), Amazon, Etsy and even Walmart.