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Memorial Jewelry - Cremation Necklaces

Memorial Jewelry - Cremation Necklaces

Memorial Jewelry - Cremation Necklaces

Memorial jewelry is an increasingly popular choice for storing your loved one’s ashes (or hair), both humans and pets. Whilst ashes can be turned into jewelry stones or infused with the jewelry design (cremation ash jewelry) this article focuses on cremation jewelry that holds a portion of the cremated remains, and specifically necklaces. This is commonly referred to as memorial jewelry or ash jewelry.

Whilst some people may find the thought of wearing someone’s ashes unsettling, for a lot of people it provides comfort by knowing their loved one is nearby, and the wearing of cremated remains can assist some in the mourning process.

How Does Cremation Jewelry Work?

Cremation necklaces typically consist of a pendant which can hold the ashes and a separate chain, for a few they come as one piece.
There is a very small opening in the jewelry, normally at the top or back of the pendant, which contains a hidden chamber. There is a small threaded screw that will seal this opening once the ashes have been transferred.

To transfer ashes into the pendant you will require a little funnel and a small metal prod/pusher, which are often supplied with the keepsake necklace. Because the opening on the memorial pendants is so small filling them with ashes can be a little bit tricky. Sometimes the ashes will fall outside of the urn, so put a piece of paper down before you begin and enlist the help of a friend if this will be too distressing for you. We also recommend that you glue the opening on necklaces as they will be handled constantly and therefore the risk of opening accidently is greater.

Cremation Urn Necklace Options

Buying a cremation memorial pendant is such a personal choice and there are thousands of designs available it can be daunting to pick one. Here is an overview of memorial ash pendants.

There are a wide range of cremation jewelry designs now available, the options are almost limitless. Popular shapes though are hearts, infinity symbols, teardrops, crosses, and photo lockets.

 Urn pendants can be made from:

  • Stainless steel - chosen for its extremely durable and lightweight nature

  • Sterling silver - again highly durable but perhaps has the impression of more luxurious than stainless steel

  • White gold – a more durable option to silver but still provides eye catching shine

  • Yellow gold - generally more expensive but can be easily altered or repaired

  • Glass - preferred for the elaborate and unique designs


We do not offer you cremation necklaces, so thought we would offer a review of some popular choices.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. 


Sariel Teardrop Memorial Cremation Necklace 


Silver and clean cremation urn pendant doe ashes

I love how simple, elegant and understated this memorial pendant is. The design makes it look like an elegant necklace and no-one would ever know this necklace held ashes unless you told them.



  • Elegant design could be worn every day without people noticing

  • Available in a range of colored stones, allowing for added personalization in the memorial

  • Price – value for money


  • This item is silver plated and not Stirling silver

  • The chain is a little short and thin, some reviews mention that it has broken but you could easily move this pendant onto another chain


Dletay Cremation Cross Necklace

Black cross memorial pendant for ashes. Is engraved with "in loving memory" on the left side.

This cross-urn pendant stands out amongst the other cremation jewelry as it is black and is suitable for both men and women, whereas most ash urn necklaces are targeted at women.  However, I think that the contained ash section is more apparent with this design. 


  • Can be engraved and personalized for the life lost

  • Unisex design – I can see many males comfortably wearing this necklace

  • Very affordable


  • Some people report that the necklace was smaller than the thought, so double check the size before ordering


    Jovivi Photo Cremation Urn Necklace for Ashes

    Black heart shaped memorial pendant for ashes. Custom photograph and message to Nanan

    This cremation pendant not only holds the cremated remains of your loved one but also allows you to have their photo and a short message engraved into the pendant too.   The heart shape is my personal favorite but there are also rectangular and round pendants available. All three shapes come in silver and black.  


    • The personalization available on this memorial necklace is extensive with both photo and a message on the same pendant

    • Great size to be able to see the picture but still small enough to be worn everyday

    • Lots of people are buying them as gifts for others


    • One review refers to the chain being too long, however this can easily be adjusted

    • The heart is not showing as an option in the silver finish


    Buying a cremation memorial pendant is such a personal choice and there are thousands of designs available it can be daunting having to pick one. Don’t rush into it and take your time, the one you choose will be by your side forever.







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