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Large funeral urn for ashes - Memorial Vase Urn - Gray

Large funeral urn for ashes - Memorial Vase Urn - Gray


Free Flowers With Every Memorial Vase Urn

Don’t know what size urn you need? See our guidehere


The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times in life. Help keep the connection and cherish the wonderful memories you shared with this unique cremation urn. Our patented Memorial Vase Urn is designed to be displayed with love and pride at the heart of your home, not hidden away in a bedroom or a cupboard where so many traditional cremation urns for ashes end up. Continue to celebrate their life and remember them with flowers on special occasions.


This funeral vase urn is large enough to hold the remains of those up to 240lb. whilst still appearing and functioning as luxurious flower vase. The concealed cremation ashes container is only accessible through the reliable screw-on base, ensuring your loved one’s ashes remain safe and secure, even if accidentally dropped. The velvet base allows for display on any surface without fear of scratching. Includes a free velvet carry bag to offer protection during transport.


Display on its own or with fresh or faux flowers. Simply remove the standalone vase insert from the top of the urn, don’t worry the main urn is completely sealed. Arrange your flowers and replace the vase insert back into the top of the urn. Individually hand cast from durable aluminum, these adult urns are built to last so they can be passed down in a family for generations. We engage independent quality inspectors to ensure that you receive the high quality cremation urn you deserve.


This funeral urn can be used to temporarily store ashes if you are wanting to scatter them or combine with a partner at a later date. The secure base can be easily unscrewed to allow access to the cremated remains. Once the cremated ashes are removed you can continue to use as a regular flower vase and/or place photos, jewelry, or little mementos of your loved one inside and keep as a memory box in their honor.


Capacity; allow 1 cubic inch for 1lb body weight. It is common for there to be unused space in the funerary urn so don’t worry it is too big.

Metal and wooden urns provide peace of mind over glass and ceramic to those concerned with breakages.

Design: Choosing an urn design is very personal, so follow your heart. Consider how it reflects the person you lost and how it celebrates their life. Also consider how it will complement the room in which it will be displayed.

See our guide here for more information on choosing the right cremation urn.

Patent Pending.

Our selection of cremation urns for ashes are all individually handcrafted, making each funeral urn truly unique!

Hand cast from durable aluminum before being painted and lacquered, they are designed and built to last whilst still maintaining their elegance.

We engage independent quality inspectors for every production batch to ensure that you receive the high quality urn for ashes you deserve.

Problem with your order? Simply contact us at and we’ll offer a refund or replacement.

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