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Thank You For Entrusting Us With Your Loved Ones Ashes

By purchasing this bamboo cremation urn you are ensuring your loved one gets the send-off they deserve.

See detailed instructions below.

Preparing the Urn and Transferring the Ashes

The urn will arrive assembled and ready to use
Whenever possible we recommend asking the funeral home or crematorium to transfer ashes for you.
If this is not possible, we suggest asking a friend to help.
What's Included?
The biodegradable cremation urn should arrive assembled and ready to use.
The urn consists of five components:

  • Bamboo pouch
  • Bamboo lid
  • Cotton drawstring bag
  • Twine for securing the pouch and lid
  • Heart shaped message tag

Transferring the Ashes
  1. Prepare the area – put a large piece of paper down (just in case any ashes are spilt). Place the new urn and your temporary ashes container within reach.

  2. Undo the twine and remove the lid from the urn. Ask a friend to hold the urn upright for you.
    It is easier to transfer ashes with the cotton bag still in the bamboo pouch and folded open.

  3. Undo the box or container the ashes are currently stored in and carefully pour them into the cotton bag. If any ashes have been spilt pick up the paper and fold in half and use to pour the remaining ashes into the urn.

    Once all ashes are transferred, pull the drawstring tight, tie in a knot, tuck inside the bamboo pouch and replace the lid.

  4. Lay the twine out in a straight line on a flat surface, place they urn in the middle of the twine and wrap the twine around the urn. When the twine meets cross the twine and move to the top and bottom of the urn.
    Turn the urn over and bring the two ends together, tying into a bow. The urn is now sealed with the ashes secure inside.

  5. When you are ready you can write a personal message on the heart tag and attach it to the twine.
Check local Requirements
Please check the requirements for the area you plan to release the ashes for both water and ground burials as these can vary greatly by state and even each jurisdiction/memorial garden. It's best to know what is require ahead of time.

Ground Burial

Using the cremation urn for interring ashes into the ground
For a cemetery or urn garden
If you have chosen a plot to have your loved ones ashes kept, they will advise you of the process. They are highly likely to prepare everything you need for a ground burial of ashes.

You will need to verify size requirements and if an urn vault is required by them prior to the burial.

Different memorial markers/stones are allowed at different sites and they can advise this too.
For private property
If you choose to bury your beloveds ashes on private property, inter into a landscape or use this urn for your pets’ ashes in the backyard the first thing you will need to do is choose a location.

  1. Dig a hole slightly larger than the urn. The hole should be a minimum of 12 inches deep, ideally 3ft.

  2. Place the urn inside the hole and replace the soil.

  3. Place any markers, memorial stones or new plants in the spot to mark it.
Using as a casket for small pets
This urn can be used as a casket for small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters and mice.

If this is your situation you will need to place them inside the cotton bag just before burial. Tie the bag, replace the lid and tie with twine and attach your message if desired.

Then follow the instructions for ground burial above.

Bamboo Biodegradable Pouch Cremation Urn Information

Bamboo Biodegradable Pouch Cremation Urn Information