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Large Cremation Urn For Human Ashes - The Memorial Vase Urn


Large Cremation Urn For Human Ashes - The Memorial Vase Urn


$397.00 $97.00


 Large Decorative Urn For Human Ashes

  • Capacity: 240 Cubic Inches, can hold pre-cremation weight of up to 240lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Safe & Secure: Metal urn with screw in base protects your loved ones’ ashes even if accidently dropped.
  • Easy to Use: Looks and functions as a flower vase. The separate free-standing vase insert makes adding and changing flowers easy as you don’t have to take the whole urn to the sink. See video here.
  • Display with Pride: Celebrate their life everyday with a memorial urn that you can display at the heart of your home.

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  • PATENTED: U.S. Patent No. D1022787

    Individually Handcrafted With Love

    Don’t know what size urn you need? See our guidehere
    Large Cremation Urn for Human Ashes - Flower Vase
    Our selection of cremation urns for ashes are all individually handcrafted, making each funeral urn truly unique!

    Hand cast from durable aluminum before being painted and lacquered, they are designed and built to last whilst still maintaining their elegance.

    We engage independent quality inspectors for every production batch to ensure that you receive the high quality urn for ashes you deserve.

    Problem with your order? Simply contact us at and we’ll offer a refund or replacement.

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