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Transform the way you remember your loved one

womans hands with silver bracelet  placing large cremation urn for human ashes adult onto table. red roses inside the memorial vase urn. couch in background with book and diffuser onr table. Ash urn is white, pearlescent finish.
Memorial vase urns to cherish your family forever in your heart and home
Give them the memorial they deserve

Are you feeling worried at the prospect of receiving the cremated ashes of your loved one?

Are you struggling with deciding how you will sensitively care for their remains?

Or maybe you’re feeling guilty about how your family member’s ashes are stored?

Our memorial vase urn helps those who have lost a loved one to overcome feeling overwhelmed and unprepared by providing a beautiful resting place for ashes in the heart of your home so you can focus on remembering them.

We have transformed the traditional somber cremation urn into a wonderful celebration of life as it not only protects your loved one’s cremains but also helps your memories shine in the heart of your home.

Feeling unprepared for cremation and making difficult decisions in a time of loss can be a stressful and time-consuming ordeal, adding to an already devastating situation.

What if you can't make up your mind with what to do with a loved one's ashes after their cremation?
If your loved one specified cremation in their end-of-life wishes, it’s likely you have not absorbed the impact of this major loss at the time of planning for their cremation. And unless they have meticulously planned everything, you could be left with a daunting to-do list.

Funeral vs. cremation? Will you have a service and where? What songs will you play at the service? How will you write their eulogy? What needs to happen with their will and estate? The list can be huge!

Dealing with something as sensitive as the remains of a loved one is a daunting task, and understandably so. Your emotions can overflow. So, this may result in you delaying making decisions and feeling confused about what to focus on.

It can lead to increased sadness and despair and having to choose a temporary urn from a limited and distasteful selection of cremation urns at the funeral home.

Sometimes not knowing what to do is due to indecision or uncertainty about doing the right thing. Maybe the thought of caring for your loved one’s remains carries such a weight of finality that you cannot bear to let go.

Deciding on what to do with the ashes may seem like the least critical decision at the time, resulting in many people receiving ashes in the temporary container or cardboard box that the funeral home or crematorium provides.

The temporary urn you received may now be hidden out of sight. Or maybe the urn you chose is displayed awkwardly in your home and you wish you’d made a different decision.

Not selecting a cremation receptacle can cause you to feel even more repentant in the midst of grief.

Is this what you envisaged for your loved one when they passed? Is this what your beloved deserves?

Is this what your beloved deserves?

Our memorial vase urns help you peacefully memorialize your loved one, allowing you to continue to celebrate their life in the heart of your home.

Whether you have a family member who has requested cremation, or you’re looking into it as part of your own end-of-life planning, our memorial urns are the solution to help you prepare during these difficult times.

Just as grief is a very individual journey, each person’s experience of receiving cremated ashes of a loved one is unique. In times like this, we hope to take some of your stress away by providing you with an elegant cremation urn that gives you peace of mind knowing your ashes have a home.

Imagine this…

> Focussing on cherishing your loved one’s memories rather than the emotional task of receiving remains.

> Feeling relief knowing you are organized while navigating difficult end-of-life plans.

> Removing any feelings of remorse or guilt that your family member’s remains are hidden away in a cupboard or closet.

> Feeling comforted knowing your loved ones’ ashes are close by and resting eternally in your home.

> Reassurance you can move toward a peaceful sense of closure knowing that you’ll be reminded of taking moments for reflection and celebration while moving forward.

> Enjoying your own ritual activity of placing beautiful flowers in the vase on special occasions, just as you would visit when people are laid to rest in the ground, or even if ashes are placed in a niche or an urn garden.

> Focusing on celebrating their life and recounting happy memories, especially on anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions.

Memorial urns designed to be seen and cherished. A beautiful aesthetic option for keeping remains at home.

Our memorial vase urn is the perfect alternative to a conventional urn. Designed to hold your loved one’s ashes in the base and a bouquet of flowers in the top, the vase compartment is easily removed so there’s no need to handle the urn when replacing your floral display.

In many homes, small domestic shrines are honoring loved ones. Our urns are in living room cabinets or on mantelpieces, often surrounded by photographs, ornaments, and special mementos.

Placing the urn somewhere special in your home means your family can view it when spending time together. And by choosing a beautiful Fovere Memorial Vase Urn, the presence of your loved one may become more comfortable and comforting with time so you can focus on celebrating life and dedicating time to cherish the good times.

  • The concept of displaying an urn invites thoughtful consideration as to how you might feel in the presence of a loved one who has passed away.
  • With more and more people choosing to keep the cremated ashes of children, spouses, parents, and pets at home, our urns help you to feel connected to their memories.
  • Know that the ashes are safe and secure in the fully sealed ashes container disguised in the base of the urn - only accessible through the secure screw-in base.
  • Brighten your home with a fresh or faux flower arrangement in the easily removable flower vase insert, which can also stand alone as a decorative vase.
  • These unique cremation urns can be placed in your favorite room of the house. If you prefer guests don’t know there are ashes are inside, simply don’t tell them.
  • Pick Mom’s favorite flowers from your garden on her birthday, arrange roses for valentine’s day or daffodils for Mother’s Day. This physical act of arranging flowers will allow you to consciously dedicate time to their memory, much the same way as visiting their grave or memorial site.

Our urns are a new, intimate and beautiful way for you to keep your loved one’s ashes safe, loved, and remembered.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from others who feel comforted and relieved by choosing a beautiful Fovere cremation vase.

We have a special gift for you

Coping with a loss is incredibly difficult – and we understand. As a gesture of our sympathy, for a short time we will be sending our customers a beautiful flower bouquet to display in your memorial vase to help you cherish the memories of your loved one. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section below for detailed guidance on easily replacing your current cremation urn.



Our urns are manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail.

The intricate design of our memorial vase urn compared to most traditional cremation urns means it takes twice as long to craft.
It is made from aluminum so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

We understand the difficulties families face during this time, and that you need your urn as soon as possible, which is why we provide fast reliable and free shipping, and moneyback guarantees.

Our cremation urns are stored in the US to ensure fast delivery. All urns are sent via fast shipping, free of charge within the US. We offer a no-questions-asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee* and exceptional quality.

Despite the uniqueness and sentimental offering of the Fovere Memorial Vase Urn, we have priced this loving memorial in line with standard traditional cremation urns you will find in funeral homes around the country. There are many much more expensive urns available, and these can cost thousands of dollars, therefore they are out of reach for a lot of people.

Our urns are of the same premium quality but more affordable, to allow everyone who wishes to honor their beloved in this way to do so.

When it comes to choosing a cremation urn for your loved one’s ashes it is normal to feel overcome with emotion. There is a lot to consider when making such a personal decision. If there's anything you're unsure about then please get in touch and we can help you out.

(*Urn must be returned unused)
  • Questions people ask when selecting an urn


    Yes, nothing is stating that once you have put ashes into a cremation urn they have to stay there forever.

    Don’t feel worried about this - changing cremation urns is a relatively easy process.


    Handling the cremated remains of your loved one can trigger unexpected emotions so we suggest asking a supportive friend or relative to assist you.

    Why not play some of their favorite music in the background?


    Don’t worry, there are only four easy steps to transfer ashes into your new urn.

    Step 1. You will need a clean and clear surface, your current cremation receptacle, a new cremation urn, and a funnel if the opening on either of the urns is small. We also recommend a large piece of paper under the area you are working on.

    Step 2. Open the new urn for ashes and position it so it is stable and the opening for the cremains is easily accessible.

    Step 3. Open your current urn or temporary container. This is normally done by either a plug or stop in the base of the funeral urn, a screw-on lid, or small screws on the base of a wooden urn.

    Step 4. If the cremated remains are still inside a plastic bag, you may be able to open the current ash urn, lift out the plastic bag and place it inside the new cremation urn.


    If the cremation ashes are loose inside the current cremation urn, open the new urn and position it so the opening is easily accessible. Insert the funnel and carefully pour the ashes from your old funeral urn into your new cremation urn.

    If any ashes have spilled, carefully fold the paper in half and use it to pour these carefully into the cremation urn.

    Seal the new Memorial Vase Urn and then it’s ready to be displayed and cherished.


    If you feel attached to your current funeral urn and want to keep it, you could use it to store keepsakes or mementos of your loved one.

    Alternatively, you could donate your old cinerary urn to charity. Search online for charities near you that accept cremation urns.


    The Memorial Vase Urn is a large adult cremation urn that can treasure the full ashes of adults up to 240lb.

    A general guide is to allow for one cubic inch for every pound of weight at the time of passing with small children and infants being the only exceptions to this.

    Size Guide:

    • Small Build Adult - 140 cubic inches
    • Average Build adult - 200 Cubic Inches
    • Large Build Adult - 200 to 240 cubic Inches.

    You can also ask the funeral home who can advise you on the size of the cremation urn required.

    Note: A cremation urn can never be too big as long as the outside dimensions suit you, it is common for there to be unused space inside the funeral urn.


    Death and loss make people uncomfortable. Seeing a cremation urn can foster similar feelings, we don’t like it. But we don’t tend to think about this when we are in the early stages of grief.

    We understand grief never goes away and we will always love and miss those that left us behind. But grief does change and we develop a new way to keep moving forward.

    Once you are through the initial shock, anger, or distress that can accompany the early stages of mourning - and the pressures of arranging a funeral have passed, you will be better able to make a more considered decision. And so, if your current choice of memorial is not working for you, consider how you can change this.


    1. Find out what size cremation urn you need for ashes:
      This is covered in a question above and is a good starting point for choosing a cremation urn for ashes.

    2. Where will the cremation Urn be kept?
      If you are choosing an urn for burial or to store in a niche or columbarium you will need to be mindful of the size restrictions when choosing a suitable cremation urn, these can vary by location so always check before purchasing an urn.
      If you plan to keep the urn at home, think about where you will want to keep it and how the urn will fit into the room. Do you want something subtle, tucked away or do you want their memorial urn to be a focal piece?
      As you will have the cremation urn with ashes a long time you will also need to consider any possible future changes in décor and positioning.